Form and material, texture and space are fused into a singular organic expression in my works. It is my artistic passion to create objects that evoke the sense of a fading border between real world and a fanciful reality. 
The medium of my choice, felt is a unique medium within the world of textiles. It is the oldest and totally natural. The process of making intrigues and fascinates me. It involves raw fibers, water, soap, and the hard labor of massaging these fibers until they become a solid fabric. The final result is always a pleasant surprise. It feels as if the wool is another active felter. It always brings its final touch into the work, making it look natural and almost alive. I use plants as a source of colors in my work, blending techniques of eco print and natural dyes.
With my experience as an architectural designer I bring the sense of line, composition, proportion and scale into my works. These things move feltmaking beyond just a textile craft and into the realm of art. My inspiration comes from natural forms and landscapes. Complexity of structures and patterns in nature provide the source of many new ideas for my work.